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17th February 2020
Will Rethinking the Planning System make the Housing Delivery Test redundant?

The Housing Delivery Test (HDT) results may be irrelevant next year if the Government follow the ideas in the radical report 'Rethinking the Planning System for the 21st Century'.

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6th January 2020
Allowing development outside settlement boundaries

The High Court confirmed an Inspector’s discretion to allow development beyond settlement boundaries despite reasonable housing land supply.  There are five aspects of this case that will interest others considering similar cases.

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9th December 2019
How important are Design Guides in planning appeals?

With design rising up the agenda, how many planning appeals actually cite local or national design policies?  The findings are surprising.

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30th November 2019
Likelihood of winning a planning appeal

The likelihood of being successful at appeal varies tremendously case by case, local authority by local authority, and Inspector by Inspector.

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18th November 2019
Is the National Design Guide a planner's dream or nightmare?

The National Design Guide was published in October 2019 alongside updates to NPPG.  Is it a blessing or a curse?

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28th October 2019
Self Build Planning Appeals

The Right-to-Build-Portal provided by the NaCSBA provides an online summary that enables you to easily compare the number of people registered for self-build plots against the number of plots with planning permission in every LPA.

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2nd October 2019
Five Year Supply successfully challenged at Milton Keynes

The recently adopted Plan for Milton Keynes was found to be out-of-date with less than a five year supply of housing land, reflecting the revised definition of a deliverable site in the Feb 2019 Framework. The Inspector agreed there was some 'optimism bias' in the Council's delivery estimates.

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1st September 2019
Are previous appeals relevant?

Previous appeal decisions are relevant according to the High Court.  In a Judgment issued on 29/01/2019, the High Court ruled that an earlier appeal decision is capable of being a “material planning consideration” that must be taken into account by an appeal Inspector.

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1st August 2019
Self build supported by inspector

A recent appeal decision found that the need to meet self-build and custom-build demand outweighed conflict with the local development plan.

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12th April 2019
Latest housing need figures

The debate over whether we need any more houses can be highly emotive between appellants and objectors.  National statistics can move the debate to a more objective level.

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