Planning Resources


The days of the planning magazine are long gone. Here are our favourite online resources: 

Latest News & Comment

Have We Got Planning News For You - light-hearted video podcasts by 5 barristers.

Planning Portal Professional - the Government’s Planning Portal contains a ‘What’s New’ section and useful links to legislation and guidance.

#Planoraks - Planning Barrister Zack Simons’ excellent and humourous blogs; I confess to being a fan.

The Planner - planning news by the Royal Town Planning Institute. Paywall for some (but not all) of the news, features and opinions.

Spatial information & mapping tools

Election Maps - definitive Ordnance Survey boundaries for local authorities, parishes, electoral divisions, wards, etc.

Green Infrastructure Map compiled by Natural England.

Historic maps from 1841 – 1991 at a range of scales, covering all parts of the UK (despite the website title, including England).

MAGIC Maps – DEFRA’s map with all the official designations you can think of and many others you didn’t know existed.

Planning Data Map compiled by DLUHC.

Road accident data – official record of road accidents recorded by the Department for Transport for checking around a development site.

Useful resources

Appeal Finder Blogs on a variety of topics by yours truly

Appeal % allowed by LPA and by Inspector for the previous year to 31st March

Appeals guidance on the .GOV website

Compare old and new NPPF – can also be used to compare any 2 documents you choose

Net additional dwellings figures and graphs for every local planning authority, produced by DLUHC

Planning application timescales by LPA - percentage genuinely decided within 8 or 13 weeks, using DLUHC performance figures

Planning Geek - for information on the GPDO, use classes, planning glossary, national space standards, news and forum discussions

The Planning Jungle (paywall: an annual subscription of £50 - £300 p.a.) - for most consolidated Regulations and for everything on the GPDO

Have you further suggestions to share? Just email Helen on with any useful websites.