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Developed by Experts

We know how important it is to access every appeal decision, not just a selected few.  Appeal finder has been built by a team with joint experience in software and planning totalling over 40 years.  With years of database experience we know how to manage the mass of information that the 15,000+ appeal decisions a year represent.

Easy to Use

We aim to bring to you an easy search facility similar to the major search engines you use every day, enabling you to get access as quickly as possible to relevant appeal decisions.  If we are failing in this regard then please contact us with any ideas you feel will improve the service.

Using the Power of the Internet

We aim to leverage the power of the internet to search information to provide a cost efficient service at your fingertips.  We don't have a big swanky tower in the center of London to pay for for with teams of credit controllers and sales staff, we are a small nimble operation offering you as much as possible at the best price possible.

Planning Appeal News

We occasionally publish Helen's blogs on our news pages and on Steve's LinkedIn page.


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