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Privacy and Cookies

What do we collect and why?

We collect the following information relating to the provision of our service:


We use very few cookies on this site, and certainly do not use cookies to send data to third parties for advertising purposes.  The three types of cookies we use are:
    1. A “session” cookie.  These hold no personal data and are used purely for managing your log in and log out.  They remain on your system during your use of the service, and are then deleted when you log out or close your browser.
    2. A data analysis cookie.  This sends data to the Google’s Analytics service to help us understand where new users come from and what parts of the site are used.  No personal information is sent to Google, and Google does not use this data for their own use.  It is only accessible by us for our internal purposes.  It is an external service but not accessed by a third party.  The analysis provided is aggregated to provide statistics of our website users in general and does not include data harvested from elsewhere.

How is this information used?

All of the information we collect is used to:

Security and Legal Obligations.

We are committed to ensuring th esecurity of your information and only collect that which is necessary.  Please refer to out terms and conditions for further information on our legal obligations to you and your obligations to us in this regard.

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